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Target putting a halt to the Christmas creep

Posted at 4:11 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Christmas is two months away and while most big box retailers are already getting into the holiday spirit, Target is still honoring Halloween.

And instead of skipping over Thanksgiving and going straight from Halloween to Christmas décor, Target says will be embracing each holiday.

It says many of its consumer complained about Christmas coming too early at their stores and they decided this year to give buyers what they asked. Christmas will stay in the back of the store until after Thanksgiving.

This year, Target will wait to feature holiday signing at the front entrances of the stores after Thanksgiving. Shoppers will still be able to find Holiday merchandise and signing throughout stores beginning in early November.

Target says, they are trying a new sales tactic this season, because last year had them in a decline of 1.3% when it comes to holiday sales.  

In the month of November, Thanksgiving items will be on full display, but last year's Christmas tradition in the month of November called ‘10 Days of Deals’ will be left behind. They are doing away with that tradition and instead replacing it with a new one starting November 11. Every weekend during the holidays will be filled with sales and major discount deals instead.

Looks like Target is taking a few notes from department store Nordstrom. It decided years ago to not deck the halls until after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, home décor store Crate & Barrel is excited to make this season merry a month early. It kick off its holiday campaigns with Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon this weekend.

These retailers are willing to try anything to hold their own against Amazon. Each one of them will be offering new online shopping options too.