Passenger at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport records chaos after shots fired

Posted at 12:23 AM, Jan 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-07 00:28:16-05

Many passengers used their cell phones to record what they saw seconds after the shooting. One woman says she was sitting at an airport restaurant, enjoying some downtime before her flight when she heard shots fired. 

"We're told lay on the ground, stay and not to move and there were shots," said Lina Crouse in a FaceTime interview with NewsChannel 5 from Fort Lauderdale. 

Crouse captured the chaos on her Snapchat app, following the sound of shots fired at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 

"We heard other shots in our side, where Southwest was and the entire bar just fell to the ground," said Crouse. 

She says immediately everyone was told to run, crowds pushed out into the tarmac, hoping they were safe outside. 
"The officers and such said just run and everybody starting running towards the fences so we were by the fence probably for about an hour and they just demanded everybody move and get up and run again," added Crouse. 
After hours of waiting around the airport, she says she and other passengers gave officials their contact information and were let go. Now, she's planning on driving back home to Tampa. Still shaken up and afraid to be anywhere near an airport, Crouse says she thinks she's going to drive for her next few business trips to South Florida.
"I'm just praying for the families that this happen to and anybody else that was injured," said Crouse.