Hundreds of cows rescued from floodwaters in Texas

Posted at 8:30 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 04:21:43-04

Along a two way stretch of U.S. 90, just west of Nome, Texas, water forced transportation workers to warn drivers and ranchers to protect their assets.

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"It's pretty deep. We have roughly 250 head to get across the road to get to the rest of the ranch."

About 250 cows were sinking. Weather squashed efforts to move the cattle to higher ground a day ago

"The water was too high, we couldn't get to it so we decided to give it a day and let the water drain down a little bit."

About 3 feet of water still stands. It's time.

Slow and steady.

"Oh yes, very slow. You don't want to push them or they start freaking out."

The ranchers direct. The massive herd begins to follow.

"Our main goal is to keep them once they get headed down the track."

The sight quickly attracts a crowd. For about 15 minutes.

Life on the road halts to the ranch life, as these beasts flee the floods.

A calf gets a push. Others, already winded by the rising water get a lift.

"Smoother than I thought it would go"

Mission complete. Life on this Texas ranch moves on.

A cow rescue we only stumbled across while trying to make our way to Florida crews rescuing hundreds of people.

But road conditions less than a mile from here made it impossible for us to get there.