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Florida residents with big hearts helping Texans in need

Posted at 8:47 AM, Sep 01, 2017

When Texas was hit by Harvey, some Floridians dropped everything to hit the road and help.

If there’s a positive side to the devastating hurricane, the spirit of selflessness has been overwhelming.

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Florida volunteers saw Texas was underwater and knew they had to help.

“I drove straight through for two days and got my first sleep last night,” said Bill Archer, a handyman from Apollo Beach. “There’s no need to sit at home and watch it on TV.”  

Archer didn’t have a big boat or truck to help in relief effort, just “one powerful jet ski.”

His jet ski saved a family of four on Wednesday.

“I don’t know who they are. I didn’t even get the names,” said Archer.

Russell Neely of Milton, Fla., came with 55 gallons of fuel, a few tools, some tape and life jackets.

“Everybody said, ‘Are you crazy, Russ?’ I said, ‘Well not really.’ With somebody sleeping on the roof for three days, I think I need to go out and help somebody, so that’s why I’m here,” said Neely. 

Some Floridians didn’t come with much, but they came with big hearts, ready to ride out Harvey’s aftermath.

“If my family was dying, I’d want somebody to be there, that’s all there is to it. I couldn’t imagine not being able to help,” said Archer.