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FAU professor reacts to chaos on Capitol Hill

'Like most Americans, I was shocked, surprised, sad,' said professor
Posted at 9:31 PM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 00:15:06-05

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C. A Palm Beach County professor who is in D.C. said it was a peaceful gathering while one political expert said America must unite.

"Like most Americans, I was shocked, surprised, sad," Professor Kevin Wagner said.

Wagner is a professor of political science at Florida Atlantic University. He said seeing protestors storm Capitol Hill shook him to the core.

"I saw this happening in real-time and I have to say it's just hard to fathom. Like I said I'm rarely at a loss for words, this is shocking," he said.

Wagner said one of the big successes of the United States as a country is knowing how to transfer power peacefully.

"And we've been an example of how democracy can be a functional, effective, and wonderful form of government for so long. And to see us in a situation that we help other nations with is shocking," he said.

John Fischer from Delray Beach is in Washington D.C. This morning he attended a rally behind the White House that eventually moved to the Capitol.

"What you had at the Capitol was a demonstration I guess you can call it, a peaceful protest although some got inside the Capitol. But what I've seen from the videos is no destruction inside the capitol," he said.

When asked if it was time to accept the results of the election, he wasn't ready.

"The American people need to see the evidence come out and be debated and it should be debated. This is unprecedented, this has never happened before on this scale on what we believe is a fraud," he said.

Professor Wagner said today's events in Washington D.C. is best described as chaos. Tonight, people's work continued.