Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Patrick Murphy face off at Senate debate at Broward College

Posted at 11:57 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 04:14:37-04

A heated debate for a seat in the senate. Incumbent Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Patrick Murphy faced off at a debate at Broward Community College in Davie Wednesday night. 

The candidate amicably shook hands at the start, but minutes into the debate, came the jabs. 

Senator Rubio was questioned over his last minute decision to run for re-election, while Congressman Murphy defended his resume. 

"I think he's living up to his reputation as a serial embellisher," said Rubio. 

"Senator, if you voted as much as you lied, you might actually be a decent Senator," said Murphy. 

The candidates jumped into the ring when talking about healthcare. 

"He [Rubio] wants to take us back to the says where you could get dropped from your health insurance plan if you got sick," said Murphy. 

Rubio responded "I don't want to go back to the old system. The old system didn't work. His answer, by the way, he didn't have an answer. His plan is I want to make ObamaCare even bigger. 

The candidates' answers about how to solve issues in Syria is one U.S. Military veteran Ryan Reiter wanted to hear about.

"Let's find people to work with, let's ensure that they are the best equipped, best trained group on the ground because if you don't it will leave a vacuum and that vacuum is going to be filled in Syria the way every vacuum is filled in the Middle East and that is by radical jihadist," said Rubio. 

Murphy criticized Rubio for not standing up to Trump on issues in the Middle East. 

"We also both know that Donald Trump can't identify any of those groups or their involvement, yet you are continuing to support Donald Trump," added Murphy. 

Reiter thought Rubio showed more experience. 

"I already casted by absentee ballot for Senator Rubio and I thought he did a fantastic job tonight," said Reiter. 

But Kris Coker agreed with Murphy. 

"He has a valid point. I mean Rubio has refused to denounce Trump and at this point he really should," said Coker. 

And Trump made it in the debate again when talking about restoring trust in police in minority communities. 

"What we can't do is have a presidential candidates like Donald Trump who are the most racist, bigoted people every to run for office and they are still espousing hatred which is the exact problem," said Murphy. 

"Basically the answer to every question tonight by Congressman Murphy is Donald Trump," said Rubio. 

Polls have shown Rubio and Murphy neck and neck. Some recent polls before Wednesday's debate show Rubio in the lead.