Court records: Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz names new women, alleges they helped facilitate abuse

Epstein accuser names new co-defendants in lawsuit
Posted at 3:16 PM, Oct 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-08 15:16:19-04

A woman suing the estate of Jeffrey Epstein and his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is now naming others allegedly involved, according to court records filed Tuesday.

Jennifer Araoz first filed the lawsuit Aug. 14 in New York County, NY, claiming she was raped by Epstein when she was a teenager. The initial lawsuit alleged Maxwell helped recruit girls for Epstein, as well as three Jane Doe co-defendants.

Now, Araoz is accusing three new co-defendants of helping facilitate Epstein's abuse against her when she was fourteen and fifteen-years-old.

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According to the amended complaint, the new co-defendant's are Cimberly Espinosa, a former executive assistant to Epstein; Lesley Groff, who was Epstein's secretary; and Rosalyn Fontanilla, a former maid for Epstein. The court records note that Fontanilla died in 2016.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants "participated with and assisted Epstein in maintaining and protecting his sex trafficking ring, ensuring that approximately three girls a day were made available to him for his sexual pleasure."

Araoz alleges she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Epstein at his New York City mansion in 2002, claiming she was recruited outside of her high school in New York City by a woman in her 20s.

She claims in the lawsuit that the encounters continued weekly, and "became more aggressive and escalated."

No response to the lawsuit has been filed by any defendants named in the case, according to court records.


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