Women's March on Washington inspires creation of non-profit Women's March Florida

Posted at 12:32 AM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 00:32:45-05

Following the historic Women's March on Washington D.C. following President Donald Trump's inauguration, women in our area are not slowing down when it comes to speaking up for women's rights.

Now, they're joining forces again to put a more permanent, long-term plan into action.

Lynn Adams is the Regional Captain for the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Women's March Florida. It is a newly formed non-profit organization, created from the momentum made from the march.

“We’ve known that the real work was going to start the day after the march. We’ve always intended on converting it to an actual movement,” Adams said.

She will be leading one of more than 20 similar chapters being created around the state.

It aims to keep women and men involved in fighting for women's rights.

"For me, this was never about politics. It's really about humanity," Adams said.

She explains it is not an anti-Trump organization. But, she says Trump's administration ultimately sparked the passion in many people to become proactive in fighting for women's rights.

They want the organization to help people get behind different policies that effect women, promote new policies, write letters to lawmakers and stay informed.

“Instead of sort of wallowing on what’s happening, and feeling powerless, especially form the counties that we come from, it’s a way for us to be proactive and feel a part of the solution.”

The first Women's March Florida meeting will be Saturday at the Women's Club of Jensen Beach from 2:30- 4:30 p.m.

It is the 'kick off' meeting and a brainstorming session. It is open to the public and anyone who might want to join the organization.