VIDEO: Driver dragged by dump truck for 4 miles down I-15 in California

Posted at 10:03 AM, Apr 20, 2017

A driver in Southern California had a wild ride on the interstate Wednesday after he was dragged for about 4 miles by a big rig.

The incident occurred on I-15 at Cajon Pass northeast of Los Angeles.

The driver of the four-door sedan was wedged under a dump truck for several miles, but the truck driver was apparently unaware. 

The driver, who asked not be identified, said it happened when the rig swerved into his lane and hit his car. He can be seen in the video waving his hands with a shattered windshield and crushed hood.

CBS Los Angeles reported that the driver was sore from the collision but happy to be alive and home with his family.

The incident was caught on camera by another driver who posted it to Facebook.