Study: Multiple tattoos may ward off common cold

Posted at 6:27 AM, Mar 28, 2016

(KLAS/CNN) Results from a study suggest getting several tattoos may boost your immune response.

Researchers at the University of Alabama point out though that inking a single tattoo can temporarily lower your resistance to catching a cold.

Getting a tattoo stresses the body.  Researchers say it's like exercising when you're out of shape. However, if you keep exercising, the body bounces back faster.

Researchers say repeated tattooing might show similar benefits.

The group measured an antibody that helps ward off colds in the saliva of tattoo customers before and after getting inked.

The antibody dropped significantly in those getting initial tattoos.

The decrease was smaller among those receiving tattoos more frequently, potentially making them heartier in fighting off the common cold.

The research was published earlier this month in the online American Journal of Human Biology.

Courtesy: KLAS-TV via CNN Newsource