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McKamey Manor: 'Horror house' requires you to sign 40-page waiver before entering

Visitors must endure psychological torture
Posted at 5:50 AM, Oct 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-23 05:50:50-04

With Halloween just a few days away, a self-described “horror house” is making national headlines.

McKamey Manor has two locations, one in Tennessee and one in Alabama, that offer a 10-hour extreme challenge that requires reservations.

The attraction’s website says “you will incur very physically and mentally demanding environments” and must sign a 40-page waiver before you enter the haunt.

If that wasn’t enough, you have to complete a sport’s physical and have a doctor’s letter stating you are physically and mentally capable of withstanding the extreme conditions.

To give you a sense of the the terror you may experience, a few participants state they have endured water boarding and other forms of psychological torture.

McKamey Manor has been around for a few years and in the past has offered a $20,000 prize for anyone who can survive the horror without tapping out.

Click here to learn more and watch a promotional video below to get a sense of the terror: