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Top 5 ways to hurricane proof your home

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jul 18, 2013

When a major storm approaches, you have so many things to take care of in a very short amount of time, from putting up shutters to possibly evacuating.
We talked with Karla Lenfesty at the University of Florida hurricane house in Fort Pierce who said, "The longer you wait, probably the less prepared you're going to be. So think about doing it in little increments and little bits and make yourself a list and start getting prepared."

NewsChannel 5 has created a top 5 list of the best ways to hurricane proof your home.

#1 Reinforce your garage door

The most vulnerable part of your home is the garage door but there are ways to keep it safe. Install braces along the inside of your garage door. Also, tighten the L-brackets on your door. 

#2  Don't just have a plan, know exactly how you're going to execute that plan

Lenfesty said, "I think most people don't have a plan and that includes a before, during and after storm plan."

Keep tools necessary for installing shutters and making repairs in one place, like a specialized toolbox. 
Also, keep extra wingnuts for shutters so you don't have to wait in line for hours at the hardware store for a replacement when time matters.

#3 Fasten your roof

If you're home was built before hurricane Andrew, it's worth investigating the cost of fastening the roof when weighing the cost of damage after a major storm.

#4 Make sure your entire roof is ready

A small tear in one shingle before a storm can lead to several shingles ripping off during a storm. Use adhesive and make sure weak spots in your roof are fixed.

#5 Clean your gutters

If debris is blocking the water flow, all that water has to go somewhere and you don't want it to back up onto your roof. That's water that could makes its way inside your home.