Top 5 times to demand a discount

Posted at 11:37 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 23:37:54-04

Demanding a discount when you didn’t get exactly what you paid for can be uncomfortable. With the help of lifestyle lawyer Shari Olefson we identified the top 5 times you should demand a discount.

"If you don't ask, for sure you're not going to get what you want. If you do ask, you may so you might as well ask,” said Olfeson.

#1 When you get poor service at a restaurant.

We've all been there: You're food is cold, overcooked, not what you ordered.

All things you need to bring up to the manager, quickly, so you can get a discount.

Olefson said, "If you don't speak up right away when there's an issue you can be deemed to have accepted that service or that food."


#2 When a hotel is under renovation

Maybe the front desk didn't tell you the main hotel restaurant, night club, and pool are all closed to renovations.

That could ruin your hard earned vacation.

Many hotels will offer you a free stay in the future and even bump you up to a bigger room, but you have to ask.


#3 When your event seats aren't what you expected.

Maybe you're at a ball game and your view is obstructed by a fence or a big light pole.

There are some circumstances in which you can get a discount.


#4  When you're buying the floor model

You might see a little wear and tear on floor model like the couch that's on display at the furniture store.

What you might not see is how used electronics are on the showroom floor.

Think about they're poked and prodded all day.

You need to see how much of a discount can be given.

Also, be careful if you try to return them.

"In many cases stores will not accept a return or a floor model or will charge a significantly higher restocking fee for a floor model,” said Olefson.


#5 Going out of business

Plain and simple, you can ask a business for a discount on most of its inventory before it's gone.

You might see some items sharply marked down but ask for more, you never know. After all, they might have to throw stuff out if they don't sell it.


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