5 apps that can earn you cash

Posted at 4:50 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 18:24:37-04

Cars, bikes and driveways aren’t normally thought of as cash-making opportunities, but in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast, people are using apps to do just that.

Robert Blunier of Delray Beach uses an app called Turo, that allows him to rent out his car.

"I think the sharing economy is growing leaps and bounds," said Blunier.

Spinlister allows users to rent out their bicycles.

"We're becoming a sharing society. I think people have less attachment to material things,” said Spinlister user Jason Morley of Jupiter.

 There are people close to your neighborhoods using these apps and with their help, we're showing you 5 easy ways to make some cash.
#1 Turo

Blunier rents out his minivan and two other cars. Travelers come from all over to visit South Florida and Blunier says business has been good.

"I think we can offer some personal service that people don't normally get in a commercial establishment and I think our prices are more competitive too," said Blunier.

#2 Spinlister

If not for this app, Morely says his bike might not be used all that much.

For $5 an hour, he says it's quite a deal.

"I usually don't get to use the bike as much as I want so if somebody else can use it and I can make a little money, why not?" said Morely.
#3 Airbnb

In the back of his West Palm Beach home is where John Worthington rents out a room with this app.

Worthington said, "We were just going to let it sit empty and I was going to turn it into a man cave."

His money is direct-deposited to his account when guests pay.

Worthington makes $49 a night.

"It's really been quite easy, hassle-free and you know, a little extra money," said Worthington.

#4 JustPark

Ever go to a big concert or festival and see people renting their yards out for parking?

JustPark let's you choose a price and rent your driveway out for that amount. There are local listings in places like Wellington and Delray Beach

#5 thredUP

Think of this as an online consignment store for clothes.

Get rid of the things you no longer need or fit into. ThredUP says you can get a payment up front for items under $60. Anything more than that you'll collect your  money when it sells. The catch? - Clothes have to be  defect free, in season and top brands.