Inspector General: Palm Tran Connection changed records to make its performance look better

Palm Tran disagrees with findings

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Palm Tran Connection is Palm Beach County's door-to-door van service for the sick, disabled and elderly.  It's had a history of late-pick up and missing rides.  

Now, the Office of the Inspector General says supervisors at Palm Tran Connection have been changing on-time performance records to make the bus service look better.

According to the IG report released Thursday afternoon, between February 2015 and March 2016, 21,000-46,000 time changes were made.  As a result, trips that were late appeared to be on time.  

The changes, according to the IG, helped bump up Palm Tran Connection's overall on-time performance rate to meet its goal of 95 percent.  

The IG reports also states how the changes helped Palm Tran Connection from being assessed liquidated damages for late pick-ups.

Palm Tran disagrees with the findings and blames the altered records on technical issues and human error.  

Palm Tran also states that the changes represent just a small percentage of the 900,000 trips they provide each year to citizens who use them.


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