Contact 5 update: State inspection report shows day care catering company's made changes

1st investigation found out of temperature food
Posted: 5:24 PM, Jul 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-13 17:33:25-04

Earlier this year, a Contact 5 investigation into "dangerous deliveries" found unsafe, out of temperature food being delivered to day care centers across the area. 

We've now learned the catering company at the center of the investigation appears to have a new policy. 

It's been a few months since we first told you about Diana Food Group, the catering company we found delivering milk and other dairy products to local daycare centers at temperatures well above what the Food and Drug Administration says is safe.

During our investigation, Contact 5 found that some of Diana Food’s delivery trucks were not properly outfitted with refrigerators, and on multiple occasions, video footage showed there was not enough capacity to cool the dairy

Since then, state inspectors have conducted more than 30 inspections on the company. Last week an inspector found Diana's drivers have new marching orders. 

A line from a July 9th inspection says the state reviewed employee health policy to find "milk crates now lined with plastic bags and filled with ice. An extra bag of ice or an empty crate of ice is carried by each driver."

The inspection came after two separate day care facilities complained their food was out of temperature.
Contact 5 continues to follow this story. 

As we told you last month , the agency in charge of inspecting the catering companies has already changed some of their policies and are now inspecting the delivery vans at their drop-off sites. Previously, inspectors only did inspections at the catering facility.

See the original investigation here.