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Boca Raton couple ‘stuck’ with heavy walker gets refund, donates item to local charity

Amazon issues refund after Contact 5 inquiry
Ken Rimer Barbara Flashner.png
Posted at 5:30 PM, Aug 12, 2022

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A Boca Raton couple who turned to Contact 5 for help when would not allow them to return an item is making a beneficial donation to a local charity.

Ken Rimer and Barbara Flashner are now free of a $316 high tech walker that was too heavy for Rimer to lift into his SUV.

That walker, made by Drive Medical, is now with a local charity.

Rimer bought the 21-pound walker last month using Flashner’s account, after the 16-pound one he wanted was out of stock.

Ken Rimer walker 08112022
Ken Rimer shows Contact 5 the walker he would like to return.

He later bought the 16-pound walker through another online retailer.

When the couple tried to return the heavier walker for a refund, Amazon declined, writing the walker was not eligible for returns.

Contact 5 then wrote Amazon, which reviewed the case and agreed to refund the couple $316.

Amazon also told the couple it could keep the heavy walker, and the two decided to donate it to Jewish Family Services, which helps seniors in Southern Palm Beach County.

“We just feel like giving to this organization, we will still have contact with whoever gets it,” said Rimer.

Ken Rimer 08112022
Ken Rimer needed a walker from Amazon.

“Those people (in need,) we can give them this walker," said Risa Damato of Jewish Family Services. “It’s going to create less of a burden on them, to put a beautiful walker that they would not be able to afford.”

When WPTV's original story aired on Thursday, Amazon wrote Contact 5: “We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and we’ve worked directly with the customer to make it right.”

Contact 5 will help people who have problems getting the proper service from their government or businesses, just e-mail or call (561) 653-5746.

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