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Tutor uses his music ability to help kids find their confidence in learning and beyond

'I try to use my music in a positive way,' says tutor
Posted at 8:13 PM, Dec 07, 2020

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Whether it’s acapella or to beat, Evan Weisberg’s mouth and mind are waiting to unwind.

He explains, “I try to use my music in a positive way. That’s the motivation.”

The lyricism is appropriate for someone who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English, but now Weisberg is using his way with words and music to help others through his business, “Tutors Who Care.”

He started the company in 2010, now he and his team pair kids all over the country with tutors in subjects across the board.

“With music being the universal language it can connect with everyone,” said Weisberg.

Kids like Devon Clare, one of Weisberg's first students.

Clare’s weakness… pre-algebra.

“I was horrible at math. I’m not gonna lie,” he admits.

There’s a rap for that.

It’s not your typical Sesame Street or School House Rock. Weisberg said his music brings a different tune to learning.

The most important thing he and his tutors teach is confidence.

Clare agreed. "That was one of the biggest things, was him telling me I could actually do it and him explain it and the actual steps and how to do it, something my teacher couldn’t do.”

While Tutors Who Care is a business, all of his raps on his company’s site are free to the public.

With kid's distance learning now more than ever, Weisberg said music may be the best way to bridge the education gap.

“Melodies and harmonies and beats all these things resonate in a certain way with through your subconscious and your body and everything,” he said.

“Now I can do anything really now in math,” Clare said.

While Weisberg’s wise words salvaged Clare’s middle school career, he said he got more than just lessons.

“It means a lot because at first, he was just my tutor but at the end, he was like my friend too like a mentor,” said Clare.

Making music… and Inspiring South Florida.