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The Pet Taxi App saving lives and time for busy families

Service had more than 3,700 rides completed last year
Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-03 21:30:42-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Every now and then we get an email in the Inspiring South Florida inbox that’s more about pets than it is people.

“In August of 2021 my husband and I adopted a rescue dog named Max,” wrote Denise McCartney.

McCartney said Max was taken into a shelter just one day before he was set to be put be down.

He was a fixer-upper, she described him at the time as emaciated and unsocialized with both heart and hookworm after spending most of his life in a cage. Still to her, Max was perfect.

“Oh he’s a blessing being able not only to save his life but also there’s that saying that who rescued who and we had lost our dog actually one year ago to the day,” said McCartney.

A tricky situation for McCartney who works from her Palm Beach Gardens home that she shares with two senior dogs, husband and mother.

“The plate was pretty full, ”Denise said, ”Max needed to get to the vet on a pretty regular basis.”

Point blank, she needed help and didn’t want to send an already traumatized pup back to the shelter.

Enter The Pet Taxi App founder, Deanna Andrews.

“We transport any domesticated pet that can be comfortably and securely fit in our vehicles. We’re willing to help guinea pigs rabbits we’ve even had some goats and a potbelly pig,” said Andrews.

To the vet groomer or doggy daycare, the company Andrews launched in Palm Beach County does it all. After five and a half months and several visits to the vet via Pet Taxi, Andrews said Max is a different dog.

“Today Max is a well-rounded fully socialized shepherd the one he was always meant to be,” she said.

It’s not all about dollars and cents for Andrews. Part of her profits and time get donated to local shelters and rides for rescues.

“We are able to pull dogs out of death row and get them safely to their new forever home or forever foster home,” Andrews said.

Dogs just like Max… a big reason why McCartney wrote, “The Pet Taxi in my opinion is a true inspiration in our community.”

With more than 3,700 rides completed last year alone nationwide, it’s a community that’s growing.

For more information about The Pet Taxi App, click here.