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South Florida man: Camp Victory could be a win for homeless community

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 18:23:43-04

A SOUTH FLORIDA NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION IS WORKING TO HELP OUR HOMELESS POPULATION. — Sifting through a pile of clothes, Courtney Battle, a Broward County homeless man, finds joy in the little things.

"I like that, I like that," he said. "It's a logo on here... music, comedy."

Free clothes, a hot meal and personal hygiene items can put a smile on his face. But his love and respect for Pastor Patrick C. Jackson is unmatched.

"He has a good heart. He gives a person the benefit of the doubt, good heart," said Battle.

Pastor Jackson founded Camp Victory resorts for the homeless in 2018.

Last summer during the pandemic, Camp Victory officially became a non-profit organization.

Then he organized the first "Community Day" in South Florida for the homeless and less fortunate.

"This is a part of us being kind, being loving and not just spending our whole entire day behind a cell phone," said Jackson.

Camp Victory, along with first responders and other volunteers, have provided meals, hair-cuts, and resources to over 3,800 people so far in need throughout Broward, Dade, and Indian River counties.

His next goal is for Camp Victory to be an actual community, similar to a military base.

“It'll be a facility for all of humanity. Dealing with mental health, issues, drug and alcohol and substance abuse,” said Jackson. "Because I'm a veteran, we will have a special area set aside for veterans as well."

Pastor Jackson says he’s been homeless before and understands firsthand what it's like to go without simple necessities.

Jackson explained, "Many times, individuals just see you as another number. But they don't realize that life can sometimes be challenging, so don't look down upon anyone."

And Courtney Battle isn't just another number to Pastor Jackson.

"He's a great motivation, great guy. I just met him, and words can't describe," explained Battle.

Pastor Jackson told WPTV that the next community day for the homeless and less fortunate will take place in Palm Beach County April 8 at Strictly Wings on Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach from 11 am - 12 midnight.