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Make-A-Wish Southern Florida gives 4-year-old girl new playhouse

Playhouse modeled after 'Up' house
Little girl holding a sign given to her by her mother in front of a pink, green, and yellow playhouse with a porch and flowers.
Posted at 4:45 PM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 20:01:02-04

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida is giving Tuyet Nhi a new playhouse.

Tuyet is a 4-year-old with Autism and a congenital heart disease.

The Fort Pierce resident has undergone several open heart surgeries for her condition.

Tuyet takes comfort in watching Disney and Pixar animated films. Her favorite movie is "Up."

A pink, green, and yellow playhouse with a porch and flowers
Tuyet Nhi's "Up" themed playhouse.

Her new playhouse is modeled after Carl Fredrickson's home in the movie. The playhouse is painted in vibrant colors, features a wooden porch and has plants surrounding it.

"I would never ever be able to provide this for her. Maybe something small. But to this extent, there is no way," said Alexandra, Tuyet's mother. "This gives them something special and it's amazing."

Because of Tuyet's compromised immune system, she is very susceptible to infections that would require hospitalization and keeps her mostly at home.

Alexandra travels to Advent Health Hospital in Orlando with her daughter on a monthly basis for treatment. She has had cardiac issues, three open heart surgeries, bone marrow failure and a pacemaker implanted.

"She's 100% paced. She has no heartbeat of her own," said Alexandra. "She wears that for a few days and then we send that in. That's just something to make sure everything is working correctly."

The air-conditioned playhouse has been in the works since 2019.

"We just love that we can bring this moment of joy," said Marissa Shea, program manager at Make-A-Wish. "She'll have this house to play in and have a safe place to go."

Her family hopes this gift will not only bring blue skies and sunshine to her life, but the strength they need to continue moving forward.

"You hit the ground running, you know," said Alexandra. "You have no option. So there is no other option but just to keep going."

Tuyet's mother, Alexandra, said she is excited for her daughter to have a safe space for her to play with her siblings.