Kathy Fernandez

WPTV Intern

Born and raised in Miami to Cuban parents, Kathy Fernandez grew up in a bilingual household. As a child she grew to love the arts and found comfort in reading and playing music. During middle and high school, she was an active member in her school's music programs.

Unsure of what to do after high school, she took both of her passions with her to college. She declared herself as an English Literature major and continued to play music through FIU's marching band. While enrolled at Miami Dade College, she joined the school's creative arts magazine. During her time at the magazine, she discovered another passion: story-telling.

After graduating with an A.A. in English Literature, she enrolled in FIU's digital communications and media program. While she does not play music anymore, she considers to to be a large part of her identity and considers it to be one of her passions.