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Friends and family remember Palm Beach County comedian with charity show

Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 27, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Palm Beach Improv is where Sharon Felber found her soulmate 16 years ago.

"It’s where our love story really started," she said.

She caught the eye of comedian, Wayne Felber after one of his routines and says the rest was history. They were married two years later.

"Being together was like finding my best friend and we really just had fun together," said Sharon.

The Improv is also where Felber met fellow comedian, Jordan Garnett.

"Wayne was more like a brother and like a dad to me. Especially in this comedy community," said Garnett.

That community is holding a fundraiser this week for the charity Wayne created called "Team Felber". The organization started in 2010 when Felber was diagnosed with cancer as a way to help give back to a community that helped his family juggle medical and everyday bills.

"Oh it was life changing our story really could’ve been a lot different if we didn’t receive the outpouring of love and support from the community the comedy community for one they helped us put on comedy shows to help us pay for the chemo," said Sharon.

A similar show is taking place this Wednesday night at the Palm Beach Improv with all of the proceeds going to the organization to help them assist other families at a similar crossroads.

"We had to make that decision do you pay for the mortgage or do you pay for chemo. And that’s where Team Felber was born out of nobody should have to make that choice," Sharon explained.

Wednesday‘s show is even more important for Sharon and Gordan after losing Felber to a battle with COVID-19 a month ago.

Sharon said, "He fought so hard he’s definitely a fighter he’s the bravest strongest guy I ever knew and I was blessed to be his wife and eventually his heart wasn’t strong enough to keep on and I’d like to think of it as because he gave so much of his heart to others."

Garnett agrees, never complaining, always selfless, "He was always worried about other people it was not about him it was about making other people feel like they were accepted like they had help."

And through Team Felber they do. Sharon says the charity has helped more than 80 people going through medical crises cover their bills.

Even though Wayne’s on the other side, his team is still doing work.

And Wayne, hasn’t stopped inspiring others.

"Team Felber never dies, Wayne Felber never dies, Wayne Felber is a legend and he will always be here no matter what," said Garnett.

Right where he always has been, center stage.

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