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Can testosterone reverse women's low libido?

Can testosterone reverse women's low libido?
Posted at 10:42 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-25 23:49:12-04

Get a group of menopausal women together and the topic will inevitably turn to intimacy. More specifically, the lack of desire for intimacy.

Owner of the Beauty Boutique in Jupiter, Gina Giannattasio, says hormones are always a hot topic among her clients. 

She says, "If they're (hormones) not right, nothing else is right,  it's trickle down.

The mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, and low libido. Gina, like many middle-aged women, say they've had them all.

Gina says, "I feel like my body was hijacked!" 

Greenacres gynecologist and sexual health physician, Dr. Maureern Whelihan, says she hears this all the time.

"By far, the #1 complaint from women is low sexual desire, overall. A general complaint is 'please check my hormones' something's wrong with me."

Dr. Whelihan says, many menopausal symptoms can be relieved by taking estrogen. 

She says not everyone needs hormones and every patient's needs are different, however, "If you're here for low sex drive, low energy: then testosterone is the first thing I think of and have that conversation."

Gina had that conversation with Dr. Whelihan but, was still nervous about taking it. She said she was afraid of possible male symptoms that could develop, such as a beard.

Dr. Whelihan: "Women think they're going to grow a beard but in fact, women aren't going to grow a beard, we are not using or should not be using male doses."

Generally, women are prescribed one-tenth of a man's dose of testosterone.

"It increases interest, visual checking, and it increases sexy thoughts," says Dr. Whelihan.

Businessman Hank Polidori, owner of Decorators Factory Outlet in West Palm Beach, learned over 4 years ago that he had low testosterone. 

Hank says, "I was about to turn 50 years old. I was heavy. I was tired all the time and inactive."

He says at one point he weighed 255 pounds and wore a size 42 pant.

Hank says taking injectable testosterone gave him the energy to start going to the gym.

He says he has lost 65 pounds in 4 years. "I'm in the best health and shape ever," says Hank.

His wife of 20 years, Denise, has noticed some other changes too!

"Let's just say she's very happy with the benefits of testosterone treatment!"

Speaking of intimacy, Gina has some good news to report.. 

"I feel like things are waking up!"

Her husband's sure happy!

"I think he's noticed that I'm not so tired." 

With less exhaustion comes more energy for bedroom activities.

It's really quite simple according to Dr. Whelihan, "You find balance within the body that makes it a perfect intimate connection for the man and the woman."

Millions of testosterone prescriptions have been written by doctors for menopausal women even though it's considered "off label".

Currently, there is only one FDA approved drug to treat women’s low libido.

Dr. Whelihan says testosterone therapy should only be used under a medical doctors care. She says be wary of products making claims or advertised on the internet. 

If you have questions or concerns, have the conversation with your doctor.

OBGYN'S, Endocrinologists, and Urologists can prescribe testosterone.

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