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Annual health checkups for men, including prostate cancer screening

'My feelings are every man at the age of 50 should start getting a yearly screening,' Dr. Justin Muskovich says
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Posted at 12:11 PM, Jun 07, 2024

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Doctors are stressing the importance of annual health checkups for men, particularly prostate cancer screenings. Checkups can vary depending on age, family history and other factors.

NBA All-Star and Miami Heat executive Alonzo Mourning recently talked about his scare with prostate cancer. Mourning was diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer and had his prostate removed in March. He is now cancer free.

Doctors we talked to said Mourning's case makes it a bit easier to start the conversation with men about the need for regular checkups. 

I spoke with urologist Dr. Justin Muskovich from HCA Florida St. Lucie Hospital.

“In general, there's no true consensus on what age to start. My feelings are every man at the age of 50 should start getting a yearly screening,” Muskovich said. “There are certain men who are younger who can absolutely justify screening. For men who have a family history, brother or father, they should probably start getting checked at the age of around 45 or so.”

Below are some action items and tips:

  • Schedule annual prostate exam
  • Schedule other annual exams, such as dermatology and colonoscopy based on risk factors and doctor's recommendations.
  • Use birthdays as a reminder to schedule annual exam appointments for the upcoming year.
  • Men should get annual checkups, including prostate cancer screening if 50+
  • Younger men with family history may need earlier screenings