5 healthy foods cheaper than superfoods

Posted at 5:28 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 19:57:30-04

Superfoods are described by many nutritionists as foods that set the bar for nutrition.

Here’s how Adam Lax of Infinity Weight Management describes them: "The minimum amount of food for the maximum amount of nutrition."

Here are the top 5 healthy foods that are not only as nutritious as superfoods but in many cases cheaper.

#1 Broccoli instead of kale

“Kale's price is just higher because of the attention it's getting,” said Lax. While kale might be the trendy healthy option, Lax says broccoli packs just as much as a healthy punch for sometimes half the price.

#2 Chick peas in place of pricier meats

A bag of chick peas might cost $2 and you can do a lot of things with them. It is non-animal so there are saturated fats. They have heart-healthy fats, they have great fibers.

#3 Kiwi instead of acai

Lax priced compared and said acai drinks can be anywhere from $6 to $40 a bottle A similar option is kiwi.
Lax said, “With kiwi, I bought 3 for a dollar at the local market. The health benefits blood pressure lowering, skin enhancing, protecting. The key word is antioxidant.”

#4 Sardines instead of salmon

They are packaged in that little tin but let's get past that and talk price comparison which isn't even close. A pound of salmon for instance might cost upwards of $7 and the sardines are just more than $2 of a package like this. Sardines are rich in omega 3s and proteins. Once you get them out of the tin it's all about preparation."

Lax said, “Let’s go to the actual health benefit and add other things around it. So a salad would be a great idea.

#5 Almonds instead of pistachios

Pistachios might cost a little bit more at the store but here's what Lax says about almonds. “I wouldn't say half the price but they provide just as nutrition, if not more.”