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WPTV tours new elementary and middle school that will open Monday in Boca Raton

Safety measures in place at Verde K-8 School to protect students and staff
Posted at 1:15 PM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 17:48:55-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A brand new elementary and middle school will open just days from now in Boca Raton.

WPTV toured Verde K-8 School, located at 6590 Verde Trail, to see the safety measures in place for when students return for in-classroom instruction on Monday, Sept. 21.

School officials said 614 students will be in classrooms, which is about 58% of the total student population. The rest will continue to take part in distance learning from home.

Verde K-8 School is replacing Verde Elementary School, which was torn down and rebuilt. The new school is now open to middle schoolers as well.

On Wednesday, WPTV's Miranda Christian got an inside look at Verde K-8 School and the safety precautions that are being taken.


Everyone inside the school must wear face coverings, and there are social distancing markers on the floors.

Inside classrooms, desks are spaced out by 6 feet and there will be a reduced capacity of students.

Every classroom in the K-3 elementary side of the school has its own bathroom and sink, and students in those classrooms will share the same bathroom.

Principal Seth Moldovan said the group bathrooms will be cleaned several times during the day and have sign-in sheets to keep track of students.

"We will always be able to go back and contact trace who was in every area of our campus, and the bathroom are the big one," Moldovan said. "We are taking precautions and wearing our face masks and shields and washing our hands and putting signs up."

One third grader teacher said the use of new technology will help students taking part in distance learning from home communicate with students in the classroom through their computers. In addition, a mobile SMART Board in each classroom can slide around the room to allow students at home to look into the classroom.

"The teacher will be teaching from the front, along with the flat panel, and have the students virtual stay on with them," said Moldovan.

The large cafeteria has one-sided tables, and only two students will be allowed to sit at each table. Some students will eat in the cafeteria and others will eat in their classroom.

There are also touchless water fountains throughout the school for students to refill their water bottles. School leaders are asking parents to send their children to school with a water bottle.

Moldovan said the school will focus on hygiene first when kids come back next week.

"It is about adults teaching children how to safely interact with each other," Moldovan said.

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