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Florida's back-to-school sales tax holiday underway, ends on Sunday

Items like computers, tablets, and clothing are tax free, based on price
Posted at 7:15 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-07 11:50:43-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida's annual back-to-school sales tax holiday is underway, running from Friday through Sunday.

Qualifying items are exempt from tax including:

  • Certain school supplies selling for $15 or less per item
  • Clothing, footwear, and certain accessories selling for $60 or less per item
  • The first $1,000 of the sales price of personal computers and certain computer-related accessories purchased for non-commercial home or personal use

Your back-to-school shopping may look a little different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still ways to save money.

The state said face masks will be tax-free this year because they are considered a part of clothing.

Frank Cannon, the assistant store manager at Best Buy in Boynton Beach, said they are ready to help parents and students who need computer supplies for distance learning.

"We get a lot of requests for laptops, desktops, tablets," Cannon said. "Everyone's learning how to do virtual learning in this new environment that we're in. With more people being at home and learning from home and working from home, it's having the right device and the right things to perform those duties or that learning."

Cannon said if you have more than one child doing distance learning, or an adult working from home as well, don't forget about your network and connectivity.

"I think one thing people neglect sometimes is their network. So thinking about how there's going to be three or four people on the network at one time. So looking at their modem, their router, and things of that nature," Cannon said.

Those items are also included on the tax-free shopping list.

Best Buy is also offering extra savings this weekend. You can learn more by clicking here.

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, qualifying items purchased by mail-order, catalog, or online are exempt when the order is accepted by the company during the back-to-school sales tax holiday for immediate shipment, even if delivery is made after the sales tax holiday period.

For a complete list of items that are tax-free this weekend, click here.