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Boca Raton yoga classes help kids get mentally fit for new school year

Posted at 7:41 AM, Aug 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-04 07:41:38-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Getting kids ready for a new academic year happens in many different forms.

In Boca Raton, there's a workout gym offering yoga classes for kids to help them get mentally fit for the new school year.

Gym owner Christina Mummaw said what makes this class extra convenient is that parents can work out at the same time as their children.

"They love it. First of all, they're very excited to come and see a space like this," said Mummaw, owner of Strong, a wellness and fitness studio.

Amanda Mintz teaches the Kids & Yoga course. She got the idea during the pandemic while teaching her own children yoga. She incorporates traditional moves but also fun dares to help the children find balance. Her glitter jar is always a big hit. The simple concept gives students a tangible item to help improve their focus.

"All these things, we are going to tap into later and the more we practice them, the more it's going to be easier for them to use during times of stress." Mintz said.

Parents said the payoff has been immediate. They believe it will only get better.

"He didn't want to be social but now he's finding more kids, more friends," said Carolina Sayers, whose 5-year-old begins kindergarten this fall.

"I think especially when it comes to testing, which can be a very anxiety producing time for my daughter, she'll have those breathing techniques, grounding techniques, centering techniques to fall back to." said Christina Soble.

The Yoga & Kids course is offered on Monday nights at the gym on Northwest Boca Raton Boulevard.

Studies show yoga for kids yields numerous benefits including giving them better skills for self-control, tools to manage stress, and improves their gross motor skills.