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Riviera Beach native becomes first Black managing partner and CEO of law firm

Posted at 10:45 AM, Feb 27, 2021

For the Herring family, the RB Heights Community Garden in Riviera Beach represents growth.

“It’s set up for everybody,” Mr. Herring said.

It’s named for Coy James and Merry Herring, for their children the message is clear.

“Regardless of where you grow up, it’s what you have within you and what you’re being taught,” Mr. Herring said.

JoLinda Herring, the baby of the family, is proof of that statement.

“I am the chief executive officer, CEO and managing shareholder of Bryant Miller Olive Law Firm,” she said.

Herring is the first Black person to hold that title in the company’s 50-year history.

“We have five offices in Florida, Atlanta and DC,” she said. “So, managing those offices, managing those attorneys and responsible for the strategic direction of the firm, where we are going.”

She’s continuing to break barriers.

“I am the first African American female that does public finance in the state of Florida,” Herring said.

She says her parents paved the way.

“My parents owned a construction company which gave me a lot of opportunities and my family, also was into politics and very active in the community which I think spurred my activism as well,” she said.

Working in public finance, Herring helps local governments finance projects. She says more diverse representation can be a small step towards fixing broken systems.

“Being able to understand what’s happening in your community,” she said. “Being able to have a voice before it happens. Not being reactive, but proactive.”