Small Business Saturday encourages people to shop local

Nail salons, barber shops among hardest hit small businesses
Small Business Saturday sign
Posted at 10:58 AM, Nov 27, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Black Friday brought out eager shoppers and bargain hunters as people get started on their holiday shopping.

The next day, Saturday, that shopping is still encouraged but with a focus on small businesses.

Small Businesses are usually owned and operated by local people you see at the grocery store or the park, and on small business Saturday, you can support those mom and pop shops by going local for your holiday shopping.

"I do like supporting small businesses because those are the people that live in our community, and we want to support that and keep those business going because that is the heart of the community." said Julie Parsons who is visiting West Palm Beach and shopping for the holidays.

Small businesses can include anything from a local restaurant or bar to things like a local art shop or repair shop.

According to the small business administration, in Florida there are 2.8 million small businesses.

Between March of 2019 and 2020, an estimated 77,339 closed their doors, leaving some 648,283 people without jobs.

"Last year was a struggle and I think many probably lost their businesses and I now restarting or just trying to build from where they come from, so I think it's critical that we're out there supporting and putting our money where often the most unique gifts are," said Parsons

According to a Federal Reserve study, nail salons, barber shops and other personal service provider appear to be hardest hit.

For businesses like 'D is for Dog,' and 'D is for Design,' owner Denise Hull said she wouldn't be able to keep her boutiques open if it wasn't for the community.

Both boutiques are located along Dixie HWY just south of Evernia Street in downton West Palm Beach.

Hull, says she opened her dog boutique in January of last year right before the pandemic hit.

While it offered accessories and other services because of COVID-19, she focused her efforts entirely on food and treats.

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of support by the community, she was able to stay afloat and nd even open another boutique a few spaces down.

When WPTV asked her about Small Business Saturday, Hull said she wants to remind everyone these owners are your neighbors who put extra care and attention in whatever service they provide. And they need you, the community, to stay open and thrive.

"I think it's a collaboration of your neighbors that have invested their heart and soul in to providing a nice little boutique into the downtown area and I think it's important to support the restaurants, all of the small businesses downtown," said Hull. "We have everything you need right here and it's nice to have that neighborhood feel, like a lot of big cities have those little boutique shops and we appreciate everyone's support."

Sadly since the pandemic began nearly 200,000 small businesses closed their doors for good, according to a study by the Federal Reserve.