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How you can try 100% Indian coffee in South Florida

International Coffee Growers Making a Splash at GreenMarket
Posted at 8:48 AM, Dec 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-09 08:48:07-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — If you've been to the West Palm Beach GreenMarket recently you'll notice a tent with a line longer than most vendors that goes halfway around the block. The line is filled with people wanting to try 100% Indian coffee.

Nandini Jaysaprasad and Devid Beil, the owners of Chik·Monk coffee, grow their coffee beans in India. Recently they started importing their beans, roasting them in Tequesta, and selling them in specialty stores, Amazon Prime, and Whole Foods South Florida.

"My family has been growing coffee for about four generations," said Nandini. She said there are two estates the beans are grown on.

The history of the farms dates back four generations in the tranquil Western Ghat mountain range of Chikmagalur, India.

"India is one of the places where coffees [are] grown under shade and any coffee that's grown under shade has developed flavors easily. It's also grown at high elevation our coffees grown at 4,000 feet so the air and the soil and everything at high elevation works for the coffee and the trees protect the coffee plants from harsh sunlight. You get the perfect amount of sunlight and rain and the flavors just develop naturally," said Nandini.

Sustainability is important to the coffee roasters, they are taking steps in their supply chain to get rid of one-time-use plastics and their coffee bags are fully compostable. readers can get 15% off by going to and use promo code 'WPTV15.'

About Chik·Monk
After launching in 2019, Chik·Monk is expanding its coffees in South Florida and beyond. It started its business traveling door to door wholesaling its coffee to specialty stores from Vero Beach to Miami Beach. Chik·Monk is a vendor at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket where they are sought after by the community for their non-dairy lattes and specialty craft drinks. They operated a pop-up last season in Palm Beach where they were named as a coffee ‘purist’s dream’ on the island.

“Our focus is on quality and sustainability from our coffee estates to the end customer,” said Nandini , Co-Founder at Chik·Monk.

Customer delight and word of mouth has been the driver for their current success in both stores and at their pop-up locations.

“This is definitely one of the best single-origin gourmet coffees I’ve tasted,” said Rodrigo Griesi, Founder of Neptunya. “The espresso blend easily beats other brands simply because it’s crafted with care.”