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Roxanne Stein set to retire from WPTV NewsChannel 5

Posted at 3:28 PM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 18:01:05-04

Roxanne Stein Announces Retirement on Facebook Live

Ever since I moved to town in the early 2000s Roxanne Stein has anchored the morning news along with "Favs" (a.k.a. John Favole).  She is the epitome of what every journalist should strive to become; a pillar of the community, factual, accurate, kind, gracious, relatable and a calming force during natural disasters. 

In my previous job I worked for a goofy morning radio show and anytime we did something with Rox she always said hi to me on the air!  It made me feel good that she noticed I was a part of that team.

So when an e-mail was sent to WPTV staff yesterday announcing she was leaving the station I was so so sad.  Simply put, it is a major loss for us.  I know I am supposed to be happy that she gets to do all the things she has longed to do, but my selfishness won't allow that joy in yet. 

And most worrisome is who is now responsible for Favole?  Is it me?  When does he eat?  Do I need a leash? I feel like he's going to be so lost without his bestie hanging out in the next cubical. 

Rox's last day on the air will be Friday, March 30, 2018.  I asked a few of her friends to write some words about Roxanne and her retirement.

John Favole - Anchor

Naturally, I'm sad that it's the end of the road for one of the, if not, THE, longest-running anchor teams in local television news in South Florida: 24 years (plus 2 in Chattanooga in 88-89.) I'm going to miss her like crazy! We'll all miss her leadership in the newsroom. Her friendship. I'll miss her daily updates on her horse and cats. It's the little things! We'll carry on the best we can. I think it'll seem like she's on vacation..a long vacation! I guess we'll find out for sure how it will feel soon enough! I look forward to spending one last week on the anchor desk with my good friend, Roxanne!

Ric Bradshaw - Sheriff - Palm Beach County 

Roxanne Stein represents what is the best in journalism, her integrity in reporting, her balanced approach is exactly what the public wants, and what she delivered each and every time.  Roxanne is one of a kind and will be missed by all who watched her every day and became part of their family.  


Dean Tendrich - Former WPTV Meteorologist

When I started at WPTV Rox was on a vacation so I was there for about week before I met her.  Every other person kept asking me, “Have you met Roxanne yet?”   I kept saying, no.   This went on all week and I’m pretty sure every staff member had a chance to get to me.  To say that I was curious was an understatement.  Then “it” happened.  I met Roxanne and then started working with her.  From my first newscast with Rox to our last...  I understood why everyone wanted to know if I had met her.   Roxanne wanted and demanded that things be done right. Writing, producing, camera shots and all ...she isn’t ok with mistakes...we started the day for everyone and we set the pace for WPTV for decades... It all
Started with Roxanne Stein.  Roxanne entered TV during a time when it was the “boys club”.   She crashed that ceiling a long time ago.   I love Roxanne more than she will ever understand. 

Kelley Dunn - Anchor

Congratulations to an incredible journalist and friend! What an amazing career. The name Roxanne Stein is synonymous with local morning news --she's an icon and many young producers and reporters are succeeding in this business because of Rox's leadership and guidance. Thank you Rox for our invaluable friendship and enjoy retirement! You've earned it!!

Shannon Cake - Anchor

For 40 years Roxanne’s viewers have loved and appreciated her smarts and her incredible news judgment.  What they may not know, and what I love most about Roxanne, is that she is every bit--a real and true friend behind the scenes.  She is ALWAYS there when you need her.  Honest, candid and trusted.  She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear---as a friend and her co-worker.  My entire career, she has been an encourager and a confident and has always said to me: “cream rises to the top Shannon.”  She doesn’t just say that…she lives that motto!  I Love, love, love Roxanne Stein. 

Johann Hoffend - Chopper 5

From the first time when I met Roxanne over on Flagler in 1998, we flew in landed and she said, "Can you take that thing to Wolfies and get us some breakfast?" I'm proud to call Roxanne a friend and it will be a sad day in TV when she retires she has always been there for me able to cheer me up on the bad days and keep me smiling on the good! We love you Roxanne!

Nicole Hogensen - WPTV News Director
For 25 years, Roxanne Stein has worked for WPTV NewsChannel 5. 

For 25 years, Roxanne Stein has come to work… ready to work… and work to win the news of the day.

For 25 years, news & WPTV has made up so much of Rox’s DNA & her heart…

For 25 years, she’s helped to make all of us better journalists in some way.

Lloyd Bucher - WPTV VP/General Manager
After more than two decades at WPTV, it is tough to summarize Roxanne’s impact on our viewers and co-workers. Her energy, dedication, spirit, and friendship will be missed by all of us. We wish Roxanne and her husband Steve all of the gifts that retirement has to offer.

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