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Pizza Girls newest location in Palm Beach Gardens has more options on the menu

Posted at 8:22 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 10:20:31-04

What I like about Jennifer Morales and Phoebe Reckseit, the owners of the new Pizza Girls restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens is their perfectionist nature. When their newest location on Military Trail and PGA Blvd opened a month ago I wanted to cover them because I think they have the best pizza in town. However, Jennifer text me and asked for some more time. They had added so much more to their menu they had some kinks to work out. Now, a month later, you would have thought the location had been open for years.



Jennifer says the new location "Has taken a lot of our time, because its the baby and its a lot bigger. There are newer things that we had to get used to." Things like:


  • Bigger establishment
  • More seating (can seat up to 60) with food servers
  • Local craft beer
  • Local craft wine
  • Happy hour
  • Smaller 14" pizzas
  • Full menu (not just pizza and salads)
  • Slices available only at lunch (the Clematis location serves them all day)

With the new location, "We've kicked it up a notch. We have pasta dishes, appetizers, calamari," said Phoebe. "We figured out we needed two cooks. One for take-out and one for dine-in." Jennifer said, "We started with delivery, but realized that took the focus off of our guests." So now the couple have decided to use Delivery Dudes and Chow Cab for deliveries.

If you're wondering if the pizza has changed you can relax. "Same pizza, same recipes, same toppings, same girls," said Phoebe.




"We have a great crew on clematis street that are holdin' down the fort," said Jennifer.  "We wanted to be in the Gardens for years, we live up here, its more grown up than downtown. Downtown is still the party crowd and all the events. And here it's more residential and more laid back and family oriented," said Phoebe.


The other cool thing, that started this week is a really cool happy hour.  We have a lot of small plates for $5. Special drink prices. Pizza samplers, cut little pizzas so you can try a variety.

The craft beer menu is up on the wall with IBUs (the scale for how bitter a beer is) and the bartenders are friendly to help new craft beer drinkers to make selections.  A lot of the staff actually came over from the T.G.I Fridays that closed down earlier this year in Legacy Place--so they already know how to work with each other.

Along with craft beer and wine they have craft soda made from sugar cane and Stevia (no corn syrup) with flavors like black cherry with tarragon, hibiscus, lemon berry acai, orange, and agave vanilla cream. 

Pizza Girls
Garden Square Shoppes
10965 N. Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418


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