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Former America's Got Talent contestant's South Florida drama

Posted: 3:01 PM, Jan 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-25 18:56:57Z

The Grand Marshall of this weekend's Taste of Little Italy in Port St. Lucie is Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti. Sal was a contestant on America's Got Talent.  During his three week stay in South Florida, Sal has had a ton of exciting events happen to him.

I asked him about his drama while apologizing for on behalf of the State of Florida. "This is unbelievable," says Sal.

Watch "2 Men Talk over String Cheese" by clicking play above


Video Interview Timecodes
00:51 - Sal's trip to Jupiter Medial Center
01:59 - Tips on how to win the cheese building contest this weekend
05:03 - Sal had to have all his Wisdom Teeth Pulled
05:20 - The Italian rules for giving and receiving a panettone
06:52 - Roxanne Stein talks about how she is taking her mom to an independent living facility
07:32 - Roxanne Stein talks about how she eats string cheese every morning
08:25 - Sal serenades Roxanne Stein
09:00 - Car backs into Sal's car on the way to WPTV

Sal says he came to South Florida to relax, unwind, and to get away from all the people with the flu in New York City.  Unfortunately, he contracted walking pneumonia and passed out.  He had to be transported to Jupiter Medical Center by the Tequesta Fire Department. 

Then due to flu complications, Sal had to have all four of his wisdom teeth extracted!

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Finally, today, on his way to WPTV, Sal stopped by Carmine's in Boca to pick up a panettone.  As he was standing by his car in the parking lot a guy in a "big blue Lincoln" backed into his Cadillac and caused damaged.  The conversation got quite heated, I'm choosing not to write the quotes out in this article so they are not taken out of context (just hit play on the video above to hear his side of the story).  

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