Palm Beach County planning to build new dog park

Dog park estimated cost nears $1 million
Posted at 9:32 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 00:05:28-05

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Crystal Richardson would love to bring her dog Simba to a nearby dog park, but there's only one problem.

"We don't have one in our community," she said.

That will be changing. Eric Call is the director of the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. He said a dog park is coming to west of Boynton Beach near Lyons Road and Hypoluxo Road.

"For many, many years they've been wanting a dog park in their area," he said.

The department has a mutual agreement with the School District of Palm Beach County. At first, the two were in talks about using another piece of land for ball fields, a running track and a dog park, but that deal fell through.

So, Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation decided to do its own thing and build the dog park on about 30 acres at a cost nearing $1 million. Since it's a baron piece of land, most of the money will go to site development.

"You've got to bring the utilities to the site, and there are all kinds of underground drainage, utilities, electric, water, sewer," Call said. "We've got to build restroom facilities, parking lots. All of that civil work is the lion's share of the cost."

To put it in perspective, look at John Prince Park.

"That cost us about $1.7-$2 million to build that area of Lake Woof Dog Park that's in John Prince and the little cricket field that's adjacent to it," he said.

Most people have had to take their dogs to facilities miles away.

Richardson said she can't wait for the opening.

"That will be awesome," she said. "He would love that to get out and meet other dogs and running around."

Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation will begin design work later this year and hopes to break ground at the start of 2022.