2 dogs rescued, 1 found dead in Fort Pierce home

Dixie and Coco now living at foster home awaiting permanent home
2 dogs rescued Fort Pierce
Posted at 6:31 PM, Sep 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-19 20:17:59-04

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A Treasure Coast animal rescue group has taken in two dogs from a home where they were discovered badly malnourished, and a third dog was found dead.

The discovery was made inside a home in Fort Pierce, according to Lori Boettger, director of Paws Fur Recovery.

Two dogs, Dixie and Coco, are now living at a foster home awaiting a permanent home.

“The two dogs were abandoned from four to six weeks in the house,” Boettger said.

Lori Boettger.png
Paws Fur Recovery Director Lori Boettger says the two dogs were abandoned from four to six weeks in the house.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they are investigating the case, but could not release more information due to the ongoing investigation.

“It’s just really disgusting, there was crap everywhere,” Boettger said.

In pictures inside the home where the dogs were found, you can see filth, shattered glass, and feces.

“Trash everywhere,” Boettger said.

Coco found abandoned in Fort Pierce home.png
Coco was found emaciated in abandoned home in Fort Pierce.

She took the dogs from Animal Safety Services after they were rescued.

Maggie Eddison, an adoption coordinator for Paws Fur Recovery, is fostering the two dogs.

“Coco in particular was so skinny, it was surreal watching a skeleton walk. That’s what it looked like," Eddison said. "You could see every single hip bone, every rib. It was heartbreaking.”

“[Dixie] was severely underweight but not nearly as bad as Coco,” Eddison added.

Maggie Eddison.png
Maggie Eddison is caring for Coco and Dixie until they can find permanent homes.

Boettger wants to bring light to the case as the investigation continues, one she said she and other area animal advocates and rescue groups are closely watching.

“Bringing awareness to our community that this kind of stuff is happening right now in our community,” Boettger said.

They are also looking for homes for Dixie and Coco where they can live out much better days.

“Sweet and affectionate, you would never guess that these dogs had been abused,” Eddison said.

You can learn about adopting Coco or Dixie here.