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US has more than 10 million new COVID-19 cases

South Florida doctor 'would not be surprised' by 1 million cases per case come December
Posted at 12:00 AM, Nov 10, 2020

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Dr. Kleper De Almeida with JFK Medical Center said he's not surprised by recent data released that within a 10-day time period the U.S. added 1 million new positive cases of COVID-19. It's a spike that pushed the country to more than 10 million cases.

"I would not be surprised that, if by mid-December, we're now having 1 million cases every week in the United States," he said.

De Almeida said the situation won't improve without targeted measures to reduce transmission.

"Which are wearing a mask, avoiding large public gatherings, those same recommendations that were given back in March," he said. "They still apply."

He said people must remain vigilant.

"I think we need to do a lot," Nadine White said. "We need to have our government taking action as quickly as possible so we can find a cure for this."

She wasn't alone.

"We're hoping that actions will be taken by the new administration to contain the virus," Lynn Rogut said.

De Almeida said he's aware of the recent announcement by Pfizer that a vaccine could be near.

"It offers us hope that, within the foreseeable future, we might have a measure that will put a big damper on the number of new cases," he said.

De Almeida said he expects an uptick in positive cases because of the recent elections. He expects another increase with the upcoming holidays on the way.