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These men have immense bravery. Now they're trying to pass it on

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Posted at 8:20 AM, Jul 08, 2024

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. — Some of our area's most respected military veterans come to our WPTV Let’s Hear It meetups.

At our Jensen Beach meetup, our Navy veteran and WPTV anchor Mike Trim sat down with two men who love this community and those they served alongside in the Army.

It didn’t take long for Art Walker and Lynden Steele to sit down for people at our Let’s Hear It to come up and thank them for their service.

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I’ve met a few veterans from their Special Forces Association Jensen Beach chapter at veterans events around the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast. You see them right away with the green jackets they wear with pride.

Army Special Forces, or Green Berets as they’re called by many, are an elite military group that uses unconventional war methods for counter-terrorism. This can often mean training another country’s military, behind military lines, to fight against their oppressor.

Both Walker and Steele have done just that.

Walker was part of Operation White Star in Laos in the 1960’s. Steele served in many places, including Vietnam.

Both take great pride in talking with and giving advice to high school junior ROTC students and with their parents.

"To succeed, only two things. Don’t quit. Just keep trying. Someone is going to notice. And the other one is the most important one that the parents love, is always do the right thing, especially when nobody is looking. And that is what will have you move up," Walker said he tells students.

Steele agrees and welcomes more with their specialized service to join their ranks in the local Jensen Beach chapter.

“Anybody who was in Special Forces, please call and we’ll invite you to our monthly meeting. And you can help out when we go to schools and do work with the junior ROTC, high school junior ROTC programs. And then also we conduct, the special forces association conducts a scholarship program," Steele said.

You can contact the Special Forces Association Chapter 85, Jensen Beach by clicking here.