Tonight at 11: Training flight attendants to deal with threats in the air

Posted: 4:06 PM, Nov 11, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-11 23:17:18-05

The Transportation Security Administration teaches flight attendants to fight back in case of a terror threat in mid-air

Can your flight attendants and crew members protect you in the air in case of an emergency?

The Transportation Safety Administration has opened up a self-defense class for all airline flight attendants and crew members.

Federal Air Marshals believe aviation is a constant target, that's why they have teamed up with the TSA to show flight attendants how to fight back if there is a threat on board.

"If you look at the news at all you can see that the times that we are living in are incredibly dangerous," said Randi Ross with Silver Airways.

She joined other flight attendants from several airlines to learn what could save dozens of passengers in the event of a threat in the air. From rowdy passengers, to terrorist attacks, the TSA and air marshals show crew members tactics on how to defend themselves and disarm or contain the threat.

At 11 on WPTV NewsChannel 5, we take you through the scenarios flight attendants are being trained for and what your role might be if you find yourself in a similar situation as a passenger.