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Celebrating 25 years of Shannon Cake at WPTV

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Posted at 10:53 PM, Jun 18, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Shannon Cake began her career at WPTV on June 17, 1996. Shannon came to South Florida from the panhandle where she was an anchor and reporter in Panama City.

Over the last quarter-century, she’s made a name for herself as a hardnose journalist, relentless in her search for the truth.

Shannon started her NewsChannel 5 career as a consumer reporter, later becoming the face of the Contact 5 investigative unit. Speaking out for consumers, victims, and patients, Shannon has been an advocate for WPTV viewers.

Shannon's reporting blew the lid off a massive Medicare scam that was stealing seniors’ healthcare benefits and tax dollars. Her Bogus Billing reports ultimately led to dozens of people going to jail.

When Shannon learned guardrails could have prevented the death of 7-year-old Alexander Ware in a local canal, she was determined to help spare other parents the pain of losing a child this way.

She teamed up with Alex Ware's mom and then State Representative Irv Slosberg to make one of Florida's busiest roads, safer. Thanks to Shannon's reporting, Florida turnpike officials responded paying millions to install the Alexander Ware cable barrier system from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando.

Change also came as a result of Shannon telling Julie Weil's horrifying story about her rape, witnessed by her young children. Julie's testimony in front of Congress helped create a law that helps clear the backlog of untested rape kits.

Shannon's reporting on unsanitary nail salons made all of us think twice before getting a manicure.

She went to Tallahassee to confront then-governor Charlie Crist about Senate bill 920.

"Why was it that with the support from the cosmetology board and DDPR, the house and senate were in favor. Why did you choose to line-item veto it?"

Shannon's gutsy reporting has earned her dozens of journalism awards including 17 Emmys.

In 2019 she interviewed bestselling author James Patterson, who wrote Filthy Rich, about convicted sex offender and Palm Beacher Jeffery Epstein.

Patterson told Shannon, "I think if I was writing about a character like this I'd tone it down. It's not possible. Nobody would believe this."

Shannon produced a WPTV half-hour special on the Epstein case and was interviewed for the Netflix documentary in 2020.

Shannon's work with local non-profits like "Believe With Me" has been incredibly rewarding.

"Believe With Me" provides presents to "Gold Star" children at Christmas.

Her devotion to veterans groups and causes comes naturally to Shannon. The daughter of a retired Army Lt. Colonel, Shannon was born at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and would go on to marry a Navy veteran. Shannon and her husband Joe have two beautiful boys.

Congratulations Shannon Cake on 25 years at WPTV.