Hollani Davis: I've decided to reveal whether I am having a boy or a girl

Posted at 3:00 AM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 12:29:33-04

"To say, or keep quiet? THAT is the question.

I've gone back and forth for weeks now about whether my husband and I would reveal if we are having a boy or girl. Here's the thing: I'm a pretty private person who just happens to do a fairly public job. That's been the case for over a decade, so it's not a new battle by any means.

However, this IS the first time I'm HAVING a baby. (I already have a wonderful bonus son who's in that 14 going on 40 phase - wink wink). While I'm torn about not overdoing it and making people obnoxiously sick about my soon-to-be bundle of joy; frankly, I decided to share because you all ask!

It didn't take long for viewers to recognize I wasn't sipping wine anymore during the cooking segments in our 11 a.m. newscasts. It also didn't take long for some of you to ask if there was a particular reason I was putting on "Happy Weight". Then, when I finally made a brief mention during one of our early shows and wrote a little blurb on my Facebook page, the congrats were through the roof.

I'm so appreciative of the support and for all of the feel-good comments as I "waddle" toward the finish line. My husband and I eventually decided to make our private moment public because we've really felt the love and support over the past few months. Thank you!

Now, head to my Facebook page. Enjoy the reveal and be sure to "Like" my page and  follow along for more quirky pictures about my No sleep, Can Barely Stand the Sight of Meat These Days, Clothes Stretching, Feet Swelling, Shortness of Breath, but Beautiful journey of Motherhood!