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Weekend rain creates pockets of flooding

Consequences include damage, concerns over safety
Posted at 10:43 PM, Oct 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-01 22:43:45-04

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. — To reach Anna Trapasso's home in Jensen Beach after a rain storm, a car might have to act like more of a boat.

A portion of Northeast Vanda Terrado floods close to her home. On Sunday, Trapasso said her home took on enough water to flood her backyard and the back of her house.

“I had to put towels under every single area, which doesn’t hold the water anyway,” Trapasso said.

She said flooding created about $1,000 worth of damage in the sunroom, ruined her pool and created possible clean-up expenses. Trapasso said her biggest frustration is confusion over who is responsible for fixing drainage in the street, which she believes is the root problem.

“It feels like everybody is passing the buck and nobody wants to take responsibility,” she said.

WPTV was able to drive through flood waters on Mangonia Circle in West Palm Beach, but one car was stuck.

Flooding on Mangonia Circle in West Palm Beach. Oct. 1, 2023
Flooding on Mangonia Circle in West Palm Beach.

Felisha Bowman, who lives on the street, said the fear of getting stuck is keeping people inside their home for the weekend. She said it happens often and she’s concerned about the elderly able to get emergency services.

WPTV reached out to the city of West Palm Beach to see if there are any efforts to fix the problem.

Diane Papadakos, who is a spokesperson for the city of West Palm Beach, said the city is fully aware of the King High Tides and downpours people are experiencing and it has placed alerts on their website and on social media.