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Greenacres relying on new drainage system during storms this weekend

New system installed between 10th Avenue, Lake Worth Road
Posted at 8:59 PM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 21:50:30-04

GREENACRES, Fla. — The city of Greenacres is in the final stage of installing a new drainage system in its flood-prone areas. They’re hoping that helps curb flooding this weekend during heavy rainfall.

When WPTV spoke with Palm Springs resident Jenny Alvarez on Friday evening, her backyard was mostly dry.

"I'm really worried about overnight," Alvarez said.

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As rainfall continues overnight and into Saturday morning, she's concerned about what might happen.

"All this part here gets really flooded," she said, pointing to her backyard.

Her street, Haverhill Road, is also prone to flooding.

"Here, that goes all the way to the middle of the road and then the other side kind of joins in, so really the only way to get across is through the middle lane and that's dangerous," she said.

It was already starting to slightly flood around 5 p.m. Friday. Alvarez said it happens every time it rains.

Jenny Alvarez, Palm Springs resident
Jenny Alvarez describes the flooding she sees in her Pal Springs neighborhood during strong storms.

"Everybody just breaks, and there comes the other one behind it," Alvarez said.

In the neighboring city of Greenacres, they’re also preparing for the rain.

"We have had some periodical issues with drainage during major stormwater events," Kara Ferris, the director of Development and Neighborhood Services, said.

But thanks to a grant, they've installed a new drainage system in the flood-prone part of town, which is between 10th Avenue and Lake Worth Road.

Kara Ferris, director of Development and Neighborhood Services
Kara Ferris outlines the new storm drainage system that Greenacres has implemented to avoid flooding in the city.

"The city reevaluated the drainage plan there, designed some additional drainage pipes, conveyance, redid the swales behind the yards, and we've been working on that project for eight years now," Ferris said.

"Our original section has noticed a large difference since we got that grant," Austin Lee, Greenacres public information officer, said.

It's now in the final phase.

Ferris said it's really helped cut back on standing water around town, especially during heavy rainfall, like what's predicted for this weekend.

Greenacres city officials told WPTV they have a ticketing system on their website where residents can report any flooding they encounter this weekend.