Local storm chaser reflects on dangerous job

Posted at 4:50 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2019-03-26 11:15:18-04

The storm-chasing community is a small, tight-knit group.

For four plus years Morgan Guigon of Plantation has chased storms across the country. Now he's thinking about his community.

Three storm chasers were killed Tuesday when two cars rammed into each other chasing a tornado in West Texas.

"They were doing this also because they loved this," says Guigon.

Guigon met two of the victims, Kelley Williamson and Randall Yarnall, calling them great guys.

"They had made it to every chasers dream. Working with the Weather Channel," Guigon says.

The crash also opened Morgan's eyes to the dangers.

"We need to make sure every person is chasing responsibly," says Guigon.

It's unclear if distraction played a role in the accident. Guigon says it's a risky business driving close to severe weather while also trying to send out a live feed.

"I'm going to be looking a lot closer for anything that could impact my driving," says Guigon.

However, he won't refrain from doing what he loves. Storm chasing is important to him and our community.

"We're not going it to put our lives in danger. We're doing it because we're filling a gap in society," Guigon says.