Prank call to Palm Beach County 911 during Hurricane Irma could end in arrest

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Fire Department handled 3,290 calls in 13 hours during Hurricane Irma.

On average, they handle about 500.

One of the calls is now being handled by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. 

The fire department says someone called into 911, claiming a tree fell on their house, and that they were hiding in their dryer, but did not expect to survive.

Officials say they determined that call was fake and called the prank call "detrimental to safety."

They have forwarded all of the information to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Misuse of 911 is a crime.

Breakdown of 911 calls from Sunday 7 p.m. to Monday 6 p.m.

1,348 - Units responded
1,259 - Non-Emergency 
683 - Dispatch needed to call for more information. 

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