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Creating a hurricane plan for your pets

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 12:46:57-04

Just as we make preparations to get our family through a hurricane, we need to protect our pets as well.

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According to Banfield Pet Hospital veterinarian Valerie Bullock, you need to always be ready.

"What we want to do during the hurricane process, we as owners, we have our feet on the ground, it is our job to prepare for our pet, not when we see the weather forecast when the hurricane is coming in, but now," Bullock said.

Your preparations should include gathering all of the supplies your pet will need for anywhere from three to seven days.

It is recommended that you have several days worth of food and water. Have your pet's medicine, heart worm pills, and medical records. Make sure you have proof of rabies shots. Have a photo of you and your pets as well. Keep them in a waterproof container.

Also know where you are heading to beforehand.

"Have a handheld copy of places you might want to evacuate to that are pet-friendly, the number and the address," Bullock said. "You should also have veterinarians in the region."

If you happen to get separated from your pet, make sure they have a collar on with your information. Even more important, make sure they are microchipped.

"If your pet becomes separated from you, loses it's collar, a wand will be waved over your pet, a microchip scanner, and your pet will be able to be reunited with you," Bullock said.

Some shelters will open their doors to animals during a hurricane. However, you often must register in advance.

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast offers a shelter for pets.

During a hurricane, Palm Beach County Emergency Management will also open up a Pet Friendly Shelter inside the West Boynton Recreational Center, located at 6000 Northtree Boulevard in Lake Worth.