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This Adorable Tide Pod Pumpkin Decoration Is An Easy DIY Family Project

This Adorable Tide Pod Pumpkin Decoration Is An Easy DIY Family Project
Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 20, 2022

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to decorate some pumpkins! Maybe you’re not into the whole carving tradition — it can get messy and a little stressful with little ones around. That’s OK, because you can find a wide variety of pumpkin decor to give your home some fall flair.

But if you’d like to DIY something with your kids in the Halloween style, then you might have something in your laundry room that’s perfect for making a jack-o’-lantern, without the mess of scraping a fresh pumpkin: a Tide Pod container!


We all know the importance of keeping children away from this convenient laundry detergent thanks to an unfortunate viral social media challenge a few years ago. Fortunately, this idea for a Tide Pod container pumpkin, shared by Crafty Morning, only requires an empty container, which is perfectly safe to use for making Halloween pumpkin decorations.

The plastic orange container makes for the perfect palette for your child’s creativity.

The Tide Pod pumpkin in the photo looks like someone had fun with their Cricut, which is an amazing smart cutting machine that allows you to create precise details and shapes for cutting projects with vinyl and other materials.

If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t worry! There are plenty of kid-friendly ways to make your Tide Pod pumpkin. You could try using acrylic paint, construction paper and glue, or vinyl and an X-Acto knife (which needs to be done by an adult, but can be “supervised” by the young ones).

You can find the tutorial to make this Tide Pod pumpkin at Crafty Morning. Once it’s done, place an LED candle inside or another light for a non-flammable way to light up the night on your front porch or in your window.

Another Halloween DIY project you can get from your laundry room is a Gain Fling Frankenstein. We saw this cool, creepy guy posted on Facebook by Monica Krieger:

While these ghastly guys are totally awesome to show off your spooky spirit for the season, you should not use them as possible trick-or-treat buckets!

Yes, they may look like the classic jack-o’-lantern buckets we used to carry when we went door to door. However, experts warn that even with a thorough cleaning, these containers can hold onto detergent residue. So, even though most Halloween candy has a wrapper, it’s not safe to take the risk of coming into contact with anything a child puts near or into their mouth.

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