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This Hoodie Is Basically A Diaper Bag For Dads

Posted at 8:20 AM, May 06, 2019

The lives of busy dads everywhere are about to get a whole lot easier. May we introduce you to a hoodie made just for diaper bag-carrying dads who prefer not to be weighed down while on the go.

This product, appropriately named The Dad Hoodie, functions as both a piece of apparel and as a diaper bag. As all new parents quickly learn, diaper bags are one of the most essential items to have around for a new baby (right up there with baby monitors and a team of supportive friends and family members who want to babysit for a few hours!)

The hoodie comes equipped with six mesh, stretchy pockets — each one designed to serve a certain purpose.

There’s a pocket for your wallet and your phone, along with pockets for your kid’s sippy cup, bottle, diapers, wipes and more.

It looks like a regular hoodie on the outside:

The Dad Hoodie

But it’s what this “average hoodie” conceals on the inside that makes it a standout:

The Dad Hoodie

Here’s a breakdown of each compartment:

The Dad Hoodie

This was designed for dads who already have enough to juggle — you know, between the stroller, car seat, child, car keys and everything else.

And while this product is practical for when you’re just taking your kid for a playdate in the park, the creator of The Dad Hoodie also points out that it’s up for much more than that. The idea for this creation came to him while he was struggling to change his son’s diaper in an airport bathroom:

“As I squat down, not daring to put my knees on the dirty tiled floor of the Copenhagen airport bathroom, I skillfully change my 6-month-old son’s diaper having just taken a transatlantic redeye,” reads a statement on the website for The Dad Hoodie. “Dads, we’ve all been there; changing diapers in the oddest places with a floral diaper bag slung over our shoulder like we’re bike messengers for Lilly Pulitzer.”

After “realiz[ing] all Dads would benefit from a super comfortable hoodie that doubles as a diaper bag,” The Dad Hoodie came to be.

And it’s been saving the day for dads ever since.

Based on the reviews, dads are loving the practicality of this item — oh, and how soft it is, too:

“I’m a new dad and wear this hoodie wherever we go … incredibly soft and useful,” one review left on The Dad Hoodie website reads.

The moms out there also love wearing this thing around!

“I got this hoodie for my husband, and have been stealing it to wear myself!” reads another review. “It’s soft, comfortable, and super practical. I love not having to schlep a bag with a ton of stuff in it everywhere I go with the kids.”

The Dad Hoodie

If you’d like to try this out for yourself or gift it to a mom or dad you know, you can purchase one for$95 on The Dad Hoodie website.  You’ll even receive 25% off your first order with the code HOODIE25.

So, dads — will you be adding this practical piece to your wardrobe?

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