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Swiss Miss now has unicorn hot chocolate

Swiss Miss Now Has Unicorn Hot Chocolate
Posted at 11:30 AM, Sep 29, 2019

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Unicorns have officially taken over the food industry. From birthday cakes to even cuter birthday cakes and pastel-swirled fudge, unicorn themes simply make everything more tempting to eat. And, now, unicorns are even entering the world of hot cocoa.

Just in time for chilly fall days and cold noses, Swiss Miss has just unveiled their new unicorn marshmallow hot cocoa. Made with their iconic hot cocoa recipe, the unicorn marshmallow hot cocoa stands out from the pack. Instead of the traditional all-white marshmallows, this new version of the favorite drink features a rainbow of colorful marshmallows.

Swiss Miss

You can find the Swiss Miss unicorn hot cocoa online or at your local grocery store. Just plug your location into the Swiss Miss location finder to find out what stores near you are carrying the new mix.


If you can’t find it in your stores yet, not to worry. You can make regular Swiss Miss hot cocoa and then add in rainbow marshmallows you might already have in your kitchen pantry, like these mini Jet-Puffed rainbow marshmallow bits or these Hoosier Hill Charms original cereal marshmallows.


Need more cocoa options in your life? Well, Swiss Miss also has a limited-edition pumpkin spice hot cocoa. The marriage of hot cocoa and pumpkin spice is sure to be an enduring relationship. But beware — this special hot cocoa flavor is only going to be on shelves for a short time.

Swiss Miss

They also make a caramel flavor that will sweeten your cocoa this season.

Swiss Miss

And of course, Swiss Miss makes peppermint hot cocoa for the holidays, too.

Swiss Miss

Hot chocolate can serve as a dessert all by itself, but the truth is that it’s even better alongside some fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven cookies. And I can’t think of a single reason not to bake some hot chocolate cookies to go with any of these flavors from Swiss Miss.


Pillsbury’s recipe uses pre-made dough, so it’s pretty easy to put whip these up. You will have to bust out the mixer, but it looks well worth the effort.


Now you’re really ready for hot-chocolate weather!

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